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Sisters of the Sons Of God MC
are privileged to be called into this ministry. We work with our husbands to further the cause of Christ which is to share His Gospel (Good News) to all who we come in contact with. We go with our husbands into the land of the bikers. We are sometimes exposed to things that you would never think of on the "normal street", so our skin has to be pretty thick. We pray for our husbands, and then for each other, stand by each other in times of need and lift one another up before Christ. If this is the type of ministry your looking for then this is the place for you.

We have certain requirements to belong to our ministry.
One - is that you must be born again.
Two - Your husband must be in the club.
Three - You must realize that this is not a separate part of the Sons Of God MC. We are in the ministry of the Sons Of God MC, but we are NOT patcholders, or club members. We are strictly here by the sides of our husbands standing in where needed, and following their lead. They are the head of our household.


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